Call Upon the Hammer of Thor in Viking Defense

Call Upon the Hammer of Thor in Viking Defense

Viking Defense is your staple tower defense game: there's defensive structure production and positioning, resource control, and of course, waves and waves of enemy forces trying to breach your line. There's a certain amount of respect you have to give to Viking Defense's developers for sticking true to the formula. Of course, like many other games in the genre, Viking Defense comes with its' own thematic twist: you build non-defensive structures that would help bolster your performance. So if you ever wanted to summon Thor's hammer out of the sky to smite down your foes, this game lets you do exactly that.

Spells are a staple of many tower defense games, Viking Defense may be no different, but its well made system lets you do so with style. The spells and abilities in this game are not just flashy; they are also unique and practical. Of course, the basics still remain the same. If you have no idea what a tower defense game is, this is a good place to start. If you are a veteran (and fan) of the genre, Viking's unique theme and approach still warrants a full run-through.

Your land is under siege by all manners of enemies, from the surface of the sea, up in the sky, and even from beneath the waves, enemies of various classes and sizes will try to get past the defenses you build. The unique “terrain” that water provides means that enemies passing on water can either be floating along the surface or are hidden underneath. This means that players will have to balance their resources in order to create a sufficient range of defenses that would help deal with the various enemies that pass by.

Players are also encouraged to make strategic use of tactical structures -like the Stone Heads; these structures will slow down enemies they hit, but they also deal null damage. Knowing how many of these to place in a stage could be the key to bringing down strong enemy targets.

Call Upon the Hammer of Thor in Viking Defense

Like other empire building games, there is a certain level of min-maxing to be done. And while the game's grid based movement is not exactly precise, it is quite easy to tell individual tower DPS after a couple of waves. We have yet to see any DoT effect style attacks, but it would be interesting if there are spells that have a similar ability.

Speaking of spells, this is the meat of the game. Despite the strong reliance you will have on basic defense structures, the real fun comes from your self-replenishing spells. Spells and abilities are unlocked by building special structures that grant you access to these abilities. Once unlocked, the cooldown is easily visible on the lower right corner of the screen where all the spells are listed down. Try to keep track of which ones cooldown fast in order to maximize their use. At the same time, do not be too hasty to use a big spell on a small mob, there are times when saving your big guns may pay off -especially when you still have a lot of waves to finish.

Overall, Viking Siege defense is a good game to play. The spell system is the most fun you will get here so try to abuse it as much as you can -and besides it is actually quite satisfying to launch destructive abilities on the enemy fleets. The graphics are a little on the average side, but at least they are not bad to look at. If you want a tower defense fix, then this game will deliver exactly what you need with a bit of sugar on top.